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If you have been financially dependent on your spouse for the duration of your marriage, you may be scared about how you will support yourself after a divorce. Tennessee state law provides for different types of spousal support to address the needs of economically disadvantaged spouses in a divorce. The law provides for both long-term and short-term awards depending on the needs of the economically disadvantaged spouse and the ability of the supporting spouse to pay. If you are going through a divorce and are concerned about having to pay or needing to receive spousal support, you should speak to a Nolensville spousal support lawyer to help you understand your legal options under Tennessee state law. For more information about how a spousal support lawyer can help you, contact Burdine Law Firm at (629) 529-4615.

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The sooner you speak to an experienced spousal support lawyer, the sooner you can take control of the outcome of your case. The Nolensville spousal support lawyers at Burdine Law Firm are eager to help you address any anxiety you may have regarding spousal support, and represent you in your case. Contact us today at (629) 529-4615 to schedule a consultation with one of our skilled lawyers.

How is Spousal Support Determined in Tennessee?

Tennessee state law reflects a preference for short-term rehabilitative spousal support and transitional spousal support over long-term alimony in futuro. The goal under TN Code § 36-5-121(d)(2) (2021) is, whenever possible, to grant rehabilitative spousal support that helps the economically disadvantaged spouse to earn an income that allows them to maintain a standard of living that is reasonably comparable to what they enjoyed in their marriage.

The facts of each case will determine what type of support a person may be awarded. However, the following factors may be considered:

  • The age of the parties
  • The mental and physical condition of the parties
  • The duration of the marriage
  • The separate assets of the parties
  • The value of the parties’ separate properties
  • The standard of living the parties established during the marriage
  • The parties’ earning capacity
  • Tax consequences for each party

Factors That May Disqualify You From Spousal Support in Tennessee

Because the award of spousal support depends on need and ability to pay, the following factors may disqualify you from spousal support:

If you are concerned about how these factors apply to you, you should speak to an experienced spousal support lawyer who can advise you based on the particular facts of your case.

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