Nolensville Property Division Lawyer

In some cases, divorce can result in dire financial consequences for the parties. In some cases, the financial interests of the parties can be substantially resolved through property division. Property division takes into account numerous factors to achieve economic justice between the parties. To reach a fair resolution in property division, the parties’ properties must be adequately characterized as marital or separate property because only marital property is subject to division in a divorce. If you have questions about property division in Tennessee, a Nolensville divorce lawyer can help you understand the law and your legal position. Contact Burdine Law Firm at (629) 529-4615 to get help with your property division case.

  • At Burdine Law Firm, we aim to find a timely resolution to your property division case so that you can move on and start the next phase of your life as quickly as possible.
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Even if your divorce is uncontested, you may find that the issue of property division can get contentious as you try to assert your claim to your fair share of the marital property. The Nolensville property division lawyers at Burdine Law Firm can represent you and fight to get you a fair and equitable distribution of your marital property. Contact us today at (629) 529-4615 to schedule a free consultation with one of our experienced property division lawyers.

Why You Need a Nolensville Lawyer in Your Property Division Case

The first step in a property division case is to identify and classify the assets and debts. In Tennessee, only marital property is subject to equitable division. After the divisible property is identified it must be valued before the court can determine what would be an equitable distribution of the property. Identifying and valuing divisible assets and debts can be a complex process that requires the trained expertise of a Nolensville property division lawyer. More specifically, the following circumstances may change the character and classification of otherwise separate property:

  • Increased value of separate property attributable to the contribution of marital funds or significant effort by one or both spouses. The increase in value would be characterized as divisible marital property.
  • Commingling or transmuting separate property with marital property. For example, paying the proceeds from the sale of separate property into a joint marital account may imply that the proceeds were intended to be marital property, which would be divisible.
  • Dissipation of property, which is the use of marital property for the sole benefit of one spouse for a separate purpose unrelated to the marriage.

An experienced property division lawyer understands the nuances involved in identifying, classifying, and valuing divisible marital property. Your lawyer will have the resources to gather clear and convincing evidence to support your position and ensure that the court’s property division order is fair to you.

Get Help From the Nolensville Property Division Lawyers at Burdine Law Firm

You do not have to navigate the legalities of dividing marital property on your own. Our team of experienced Nolensville property division attorneys can review your circumstances and help you choose a legal strategy that protects your financial interests. Call Burdine Law Firm at (629) 529-4615 to schedule a free consultation with one of our experienced property division lawyers.