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Family law is an area of law that deals primarily with family relationships. It covers a wide range of issues including marital relationships, rights of unmarried partners, support rights and obligations, separation and divorce, property division, and spousal support, child support and custody, adoption, divorce, and separation. At Burdine Law Firm, we offer our clients 15 years of experience devoted to resolving family law disputes.

  • At Burdine Law Firm Firm, our Gallatin family law attorneys are focused on providing skilled legal representation in all areas of family law.
  • With more than 15 years of experience dedicated to family law, we understand how to resolve the numerous challenges that may arise in your case.
  • The Gallatin family law lawyers are skilled negotiators and litigators and we do not hold back in protecting your interests and getting the best outcome in your case.

Whether you are contemplating marriage, separation, or divorce, or you are planning to add to your family through adoption, Burdine Law Firm is here for you. The experienced and compassionate Gallatin divorce lawyers at Burdine Law Firm will help you find favorable solutions to your pressing family matters. Contact us today at (629) 529-4615 to get a resolution to your family law issues.

Our Family Law Services in Gallatin, Tennessee

Burdine Law Firm offers comprehensive services to meet all your family law needs. From negotiation and mediation to litigation and appeals, our team is equipped with the skill and knowledge to handle cases in the following areas:

Pre- and Post-nuptial Agreements

Prenuptial agreements are contracts made by the parties prior to marriage. They outline the distribution of the parties’ assets and liabilities in the event that the marriage ends. As long as a prenuptial agreement was signed willingly, after full financial disclosure by the parties, the courts will respect its provisions. Postnuptial agreements have a similar purpose to prenuptial agreements. The difference is that a postnuptial agreement is made during the marriage.

Divorce and Other Ways to Terminate a Marriage

A marriage can be terminated in different ways. Although divorce is the most common way of terminating a divorce, under certain circumstances, a marriage may be terminated by an annulment. The difference between a divorce and an annulment is that an annulment declares the marriage void from its inception– it’s as if the marriage never took place. However, an annulment does not affect the legitimacy of any children born to the couple while they are together. Both parties would still bear legal responsibility for their children.

Child Custody, Support and Visitation

Child issues are a critical component of any legal separation or divorce. While parents are encouraged to agree on child custody, visitation, and support, if the parties are unable to reach an agreement, the court will make an order in the best interest of the child. Both parties are encouraged to participate fully in the child’s welfare and to contribute to the financial support of the child.

Spousal Support

Tennessee has four types of alimony or spousal maintenance: alimony in futuro and alimony in solido, which are long-term support, and rehabilitative alimony and transitional alimony, which are short-term support. The type of alimony appropriate in a case will depend on several factors including the age and health of the parties, and the duration of the marriage.

Adoptions & Guardianships

Adoptions and guardianships are treated like other child custody decisions in that the best interest of the child is the primary concern. The process of adoption can be complex and frustrating, however, the  Gallatin family law lawyers at Burdine Law Firm can help you navigate the legal complexities and requirements of adoption and guardianships.

Post Divorce Legal Services

For some couples, the divorce order is not the end of the story between the parties. Where there are associated issues such as child support, spousal support, or child custody and visitation, the parties may need the assistance of the court to resolve post-divorce issues. Some of the issues that may require post-divorce legal services include modification or enforcement of child or spousal support orders, modification or enforcement of child custody or visitation orders, enforcement of property division orders, and restraining orders for the safety of either party or the children. With our years of experience as a divorce litigator, Burdine Law Firm is ready and able to represent you in court as necessary to resolve your post-divorce legal issues.

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