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Divorce is a life-altering event that can have far-reaching implications for your future. A divorce can have an impact on not only your emotional well-being but your financial stability as well. At Burdine Law Firm, we are committed to resolving your divorce quickly and cost-effectively so that you can get closure and move forward with the next phase of your life. For more information about how the Gallatin divorce attorneys at Burdine Law Firm can help you, call us at (629) 529-4615 to schedule a consultation.

  • At Burdine Law Firm, our lawyers are knowledgeable in all aspects of divorce law and understand the intricacies involved in divorce cases.
  • We understand that each divorce is unique and we tailor our strategy to ensure that it is in line with your goals.
  • Our Gallatin family law attorneys recognize that divorce can be emotionally tasking and provide the support you need to make rational decisions about your future.

The end of your marriage does not have to leave you emotionally and financially drained. The Gallatin divorce lawyers at Burdine Law Firm will handle your divorce case with the utmost sensitivity and focus on strategies that resolve your divorce as amicably as possible while protecting your interests. Whether your divorce is amicable or not, it is advisable that you seek legal counsel. Get help for your divorce today. Call us at (629) 529-4615 to schedule a consultation.

How Our Divorce Lawyers Can Help You in Gallatin, Tennessee

Having a skilled Gallatin divorce lawyer by your side is the best way to approach a divorce. A skilled divorce lawyer can help you manage your negative feelings and shift your focus to reaching workable resolutions to the essential issues related to any children of the marriage, alimony, and property division. Our divorce lawyers can help you in the following areas of divorce:

Dissolution of Marriage

Nobody wants the end of their marriage to drag on indefinitely. Unfortunately, divorce cases can be unpredictable because of their highly emotional nature. Even when parties decide to amicably end their marriage, associated issues such as child and spousal support and division of property can breed rancor. Burdine Law Firm has the experience to help you manage this stressful time in your life and guide you through the legal process of divorce.

Division of Marital Property

Tennessee is an equitable distribution state. This means that when a court is making a determination about how to divide marital property, the court is not required to use a 50-50 formula. Under TN Code § 36-4-121 (2021), the court follows a flexible formula that takes numerous factors into consideration, including:

  • The duration of the marriage
  • The age, physical and mental health, vocational skills, employability, earning capacity, financial liabilities and financial needs of the parties
  • The tangible and intangible contributions by one party to the education training, or increased earning capacity of the other party
  • The value of each party’s estate at the time of the marriage

The experienced Gallatin property division attorneys at Burdine Law Firm will help you through the basic steps of identifying and valuing your marital properties to ensure that you get a fair outcome when the properties are divided.

Child Custody

As long as both parents are alive and fit, they are both jointly entitled to custody of their minor children. There is no bias in favor of one parent over the other. The court will consider what is in the best interest and welfare of the child. Factors such as the parent’s wishes, the wishes of the child, the child’s relationship with his or her parents, siblings and other family members, and the mental and physical health of all the parties involved are considered in making a child custody determination. If you are trying to establish a custody arrangement or wish to modify an existing custody order, our knowledgeable child custody attorneys from Gallatin can help you come up with a legal solution that protects your rights as a parent as well as your child’s best interest.

Child Support

Under TN Code § 36-5-101 (2021) a court may make an order and decree for the suitable support and maintenance of the children by either spouse or out of such spouse’s property, according to the nature of the case and the circumstances of the parties. Our child support lawyers are knowledgeable about the state guidelines for child support calculations and will fight to ensure that any deviation from the guidelines is justified in your case.

Spousal Support

An unavoidable consequence of divorce is the separation of finances, which may leave one spouse unable to financially support themselves. Whether you anticipate paying spousal support or you think you may be entitled to spousal support, our Gallatin spousal support lawyers can help you understand the different types of spousal support available under Tennessee state law, and which type you may be entitled to based on your circumstance.

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You do not have to go through the complexities of divorce on your own. When you have competent legal support, you can rest assured that your interests in your divorce case are being protected. If you are contemplating filing for divorce from your spouse, or you have been served with divorce papers, we can help you negotiate favorable settlements and save you time and money in complex litigation. Schedule a consultation with the experienced Gallatin divorce attorneys at Burdine Law Firm to get answers about your divorce case. Call us today at (629) 529-4615.