Nolensville Child Custody Lawyer

Child custody is only an issue when the parents of a child are separated or divorced. It is an issue that must be resolved to the court’s satisfaction in divorce cases. Both parents of a child are equally entitled to custody of their child, and how custody is shared is often a contentious issue between the parties. The most important consideration in child custody cases is the well-being of the child. If you are thinking of getting divorced or separated and are concerned about child custody, you should speak with an experienced child custody lawyer from Nolensville who can advise you based on your particular circumstances. For more information about how a child custody lawyer can help you, contact Burdine Law Firm at (629) 529-4615.

  • At Burdine Law Firm, our goal is to make your child custody case as simple and pain-free as possible.
  • We can handle high-conflict cases with sensitivity and facilitate a child custody agreement in the best interest of the child involved.
  • Our principal, Hannah Burdine, has 15 years of experience as a divorce litigator and we are prepared to take your case to court if necessary.

If you are going through a child custody battle, it may be in your best interest to acquire the help of a skilled child custody lawyer who understands the law and can fiercely fight to protect your interests. Call Burdine Law Firm today at (629) 529-4615 to schedule a free consultation with one of our fierce Nolensville family law attorneys.

How is Child Custody Determined in Tennessee?

There are no preferences for either parent when awarding child custody. The court is more concerned about the well-being of the child than satisfying stereotypes about which parent is fit to take care of the child. When a court makes a child custody determination, as long as both parents are physically, mentally, and emotionally fit, the court will make an order that allows both parents to fully participate in the life of their child. The court will look at factors that indicate continuity and stability for the child, including:

  • The child’s wishes as to who they would like to live with
  • The present and future emotional, mental, or physical needs of the child
  • The child’s interaction and interrelationship with his parents, siblings, extended family, and other persons who may significantly affect the child’s best interest
  • The love, affection, and emotional ties that exist between the child and the parents

How Can a Nolensville Child Custody Lawyer Help Your Case?

An experienced Nolensville child custody attorney is an invaluable asset in your child custody case. Your lawyer can give you impartial advice, diffuse tensions between you and your child’s other parent, gather evidence, and help to present the relevant facts and applicable law to secure a favorable outcome in your case. The team at Burdine Law Firm can help you negotiate a child custody agreement with the opposing party, and present a compelling argument to support it in court.

Get Help From the Nolensville Child Custody Lawyers at Burdine Law Firm

If you need help protecting your children’s well-being and ensuring that you do not hold the short end of the stick in your child custody case, the Nolensville child custody attorneys at Burdine Law Firm can help you. Take action today and call us at (629) 529-4615 to schedule a consultation with one of our experienced lawyers.