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One of the issues that must be resolved at the end of a marriage is how to divide the parties’ property. Tennessee is a dual property state, which means that only marital property is included in the marital estate. Because of this, the classification of property as marital or separate property is very important in property division cases. Classification of property is not always a simple task as the character of separate property may change depending on how the parties dealt with the property during the marriage. If you are considering a divorce, it is advisable to speak to an experienced Brentwood divorce attorney to ensure that you are treated fairly and equitably. For more information about property division in Tennessee after a divorce or legal separation, contact the property division lawyers at Burdine Law Firm.

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If you have questions regarding the classification of property as either marital or separate, or the appropriateness of the division of marital estate in your case, the Brentwood property division attorneys at Burdine Law Firm can give you answers. Call us today at (629) 529-4615 to schedule a consultation.

Is Tennessee a Community Property State?

In a community property state, all assets acquired during the marriage belong to both parties, and both parties are responsible for all debts incurred during the marriage. Tennessee is not a community property state. It is an equitable distribution state. This means that marital property is not necessarily divided equally between the parties, but rather equitably divided considering factors listed in Tennessee Code § 36-4-121 (2021). These factors include:

  • The value of the separate property of each party
  • The contribution each party made to the preservation, acquisition, appreciation, or depreciation of separate property and marital property
  • The contribution one party made to the other party’s increased earning capacity through training or education

An experienced property division attorney in Brentwood can help you identify, classify, and value the marital property in your case. These are very important steps in any property division case because the court will rely on the evidence submitted by both parties to make its determination.

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