ALIMONY – Am I going to have to pay it, or, am I going to receive it?

Thirty years ago, an award of alimony was more common than it is today; however, you may have to pay alimony or you may receive alimony based on several factors and on the purpose behind the alimony:

  1. Alimony is based on the needs of the person asking for it and the ability of the other spouse to pay it. If both parties are relatively young and already earning income, the likelihood of receiving alimony is slim, unless the person asking for it can prove that he or she are earning substantially less than the other spouse due to supporting the other spouses’ career and/or taking care of the children of the marriage.
  2. Sometimes alimony is for a short period of time, and in other cases it could be a lifetime award.

Though alimony is not as common as it used to be, it is still a possibility and it depends on your unique situation.