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What is an Uncontested Divorce?

An uncontested divorce is the most common separation route for spouses who have mutually agreed to divorce. With the aid of an experienced divorce attorney, these cases often move forward quickly, as both parties have already agreed to all the terms of the divorce. At Burdine Law Firm, we're experts in settling uncontested divorces quickly, with as little stress as possible. That's why we're able to complete all uncontested divorce proceedings with a reasonable fee. Contact our team today to learn more.


There are a lot of do-it-yourself online divorce services out there. Most of these companies selling “cheap online divorces” are often pulling FREE pro se divorce forms from our Tennessee courts' websites and then repackaging and selling them to the public.

Here are 3 reasons why using online divorce forms can be more trouble than their worth:

  1. You don't have a divorce lawyer familiar with our Tennessee divorce laws helping you complete them;
  2. It's more time consuming and overwhelming;
  3. You may make mistakes and the Court may reject your divorce paperwork.

If you have not been married a long time and/or you have very little in marital assets, and you and your spouse are truly on board with divorcing amicably, it will not cost you tens of thousands of dollars to hire a divorce attorney to help you with the paperwork as these online divorce websites falsely claim.

At Burdine Law, we complete your divorce paperwork within minutes after speaking with you on the phone, and we can do it for about the same price as many of these "do-it-yourself" online divorce services who are merely repackaging pro se forms from Tennessee courts' websites and then selling them to you.

The bonus is that you know that the divorce papers will be completed correctly and by a Tennessee divorce lawyer.

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When handling your uncontested divorce process with Burdine Law Firm, you'll experience:

  • Papers drawn up at the first meeting, including the divorce complaint, ready to file

  • Proceedings Outside of a Courtroom

  • A Quick Process

  • Mitigated Stress

  • Access to a Wealth of Legal Experience

Why Choose an Uncontested Divorce?

Uncontested divorces are often faster and cheaper than contested ones. Since both parties already agree on the terms of the separation, there's no need for courtroom arguing or extended legal proceedings. Divorces are arduous and emotionally fatiguing by nature, so taking as much stress out of them as possible with an uncontested divorce is often preferable to a long, drawn-out process.

Other Reasons to Choose an Uncontested Divorce

They Help Your Affairs Remain Private

In an uncontested divorce, you'll maintain your privacy and hold a fair amount of control over the process.

More Affordable

Contested divorces in the United States cost, on average, between $5,000 and $15,000, while uncontested divorces only require you to pay filing fees and modest attorney fees.

Less Time Wasted

During a divorce, the last thing you want is to live in an emotionally draining state for months or years on end. Uncontested divorces are much quicker than contested ones.

Avoid the Courtroom

Courtrooms are stressful areas to be on any given day, but they're even worse when you're handling your divorce in them. Stay out of the courtroom with an uncontested divorce.

The Burdine Difference

Ms. Burdine is a Tennessee native with a passion for helping other Tennesseans settle their divorce proceedings and child custody disputes as quickly as possible. She has practiced domestic, matrimonial, family, divorce, child custody, and adoptions law for over ten years. Her broad expertise will help you navigate your divorce and child custody proceedings with ease.

How to Proceed with an Uncontested Divorce

Decide that a Divorce is the Right Route for Your Relationship

Make sure you're absolutely certain that you're ready for a divorce. Utilizing options such as couple's therapy and relationship coaching could help repair aspects of your relationship that you feel are broken.

Contact the Burdine Law Firm

Once you decide that a divorce is the best path forward and you and your spouse agree to resolve it via an uncontested route, contact Burdine Law to start the proceedings.

Follow Your Attorney's Instructions

Burdine Law will instruct you on the correct processes, documents, and other legal items you and your spouse will need to complete. Follow Ms. Burdine's instructions throughout the process to make sure things go as smoothly as possible.

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If you've made the difficult decision to separate from your partner, Burdine Law is here to help. Ms. Burdine brings more than a decade of experience to the table to help your divorce proceedings go as smoothly as possible. Contact our team today to get started on your uncontested divorce process.

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