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What is a Contested Divorce?

A contested divorce is a common separation route for spouses who have agreed to divorce but have not agreed on the divorce terms. These cases often include disputes about division of assets and liabilities or child custody, valuation of the marital estate, intensive fact gathering and discovery, hearings, and other legal processes. If you're involved in a contested divorce, the guidance of an experienced divorce attorney is indispensable. That's why Burdine Law Firm is here to help you navigate all the intricacies of a contested divorce.

Understanding Child Custody

When navigating your contested divorce process with Burdine Law, you'll experience:

  • Reasonable Attorney Fees

  • Representation both Inside and Outside the Courtroom

  • An Adaptable and Responsive Attorney

  • Mitigated Stress

  • Access to a Wealth of Legal Experience

When Would You Pursue a Contested Divorce?

While an uncontested divorce is typically preferable, there are many cases where the contested route is necessary. When an agreement cannot be reached between the spouses on matters such as child custody or division of assets and liabilities, a contested divorce with the aid of an attorney experienced in divorce law is the necessary route to take.

Reasons to Choose a Contested Divorce

Disagreement on Estate Split

When the two involved parties in a divorce cannot agree on how much they're personally entitled to in the division of property, a contested divorce is often necessary.

Child Custody Disagreement

When the two parties have differing opinions on who should primarily care for their children after a divorce, a contested divorce is usually required.

Special Support

If one spouse relied heavily on the other for financial support during the marriage, he or she may need to seek special support via child support or alimony. In these cases, a contested divorce is usually the route to take.

Other Circumstances

There could be other circumstances involved that make an uncontested divorce undesirable. Most often, this will be due to the reason for the divorce, such as abuse or unfaithfulness.

The Burdine Difference

Ms. Burdine is a Tennessee native with a passion for helping other Tennesseans settle their divorce proceedings as quickly as possible. She has practiced domestic, matrimonial, family, divorce, child custody, and adoptions law for over ten years. Her broad expertise will help you navigate your contested divorce proceedings with ease.

How to Proceed with a Contested Divorce

Make Sure a Contested Divorce is the Right Route for You

Make certain you're absolutely sure that you want to pursue a contested divorce. Contested divorces are often much more involved than uncontested ones, so this is an absolutely vital decision.

Contact the Burdine Law Firm

Once you've decided that a contested divorce is the best path forward, contact Burdine Lawe to start the proceedings. Burdine Law will provide guidance on the next steps.

Follow Your Attorney's Instructions

The following steps in the process will be hard and emotionally trying, but with the help of an experienced attorney at your side, you can mitigate the stress as much as possible. Contact the Burdine Law for more information today.


We're Here To Help

If you've made the difficult decision to separate from your partner, Burdine Law is here to help. Ms. Burdine brings more than a decade of experience to the table to help your divorce process go as smoothly as possible. Contact our team today to get started on your contested divorce proceedings.

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