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Understanding Child Custody

Physical Custody

Physical custody of a child or children determines where the child will live and can be awarded to both parents during a custody hearing. Learn more by contacting Burdine Law Firm to schedule a consultation today.

Legal Custody

Legal custody determines which parent or guardian will make decisions pertaining to the children's education, medical needs, and religion. Contact us to learn more about legal custody and what it means for your children.

Sole & Joint Custody

Joint custody of the children splits time and expenses equally between each parent while sole custody is granted to only one parent if the other is deemed unfit. In many cases, the goal for child custody arrangements is joint custody. Call today to learn more.

What is Supervised Visitation & is it Necessary?

Supervised visitation is implemented when a party has a history of violence or severe abuse against the other parent and/or the minor children. It can also be used if a parent has a serious drug problem, a long history of crimes of violence, serious child neglect, or is mentally incapable of caring for the children without supervision. It is not to be used as revenge against the other parents or for some other malevolent purpose. It should only be used to protect children by ensuring that they maintain or establish a close relationship with the parent.

We Put the Needs of Your Children First

When it comes to child custody, there's nothing more important than the needs and interests of the children. When you choose an experienced child custody attorney like Ms. Burdine at Burdine Law Firm in Nashville, you can trust your situation will be handled with care and that your children's best interests are being served. Ideally, parents will be able to effectively co-parent their child(ren), but it's not always the case. At Burdine Law Firm, we are knowledgeable of child custody laws and do our very best to make sure the child is getting the care they deserve.

Child custody

Do You Need a Child Custody Attorney?

When you're going through a divorce or separation, it's easy to think you may be able to work out an arrangement with your children's other parent all on your own. However, if things go south, you'll want the experience and knowledge of a child custody attorney on your side. Ms. Burdine at Burdine Law Firm in Nashville will work with you to ensure the needs and interests of your child(ren) are met and handled with care. Don't let a messy disagreement with their other parent have a negative impact on their life. Let us support you through this process so that you can work out an arrangement that works for everyone. Once a custody order is put in place, it is very hard to modify it later. This is why it is important to hire a trusted attorney to help you with your initial child custody matter.

Effective Parenting Plans

During a child custody case, a parenting plan must be drafted and agreed upon by both parties. This plan includes information such as who will have physical and legal custody of the child(ren), how much time will be spent with both parents, any child support arrangements, and more. If one or both parents neglect to follow the arrangements as laid out in the parenting plan, one or both may be subject to a court hearing. With Burdine Law Firm, we can help make sure that the parenting plan in place is one that works for both parents and benefits the child(ren).

Keep Your Children Safe, Healthy, & Happy

At the end of the day, child custody arrangements are for the children more than they are for the parents. Providing the best environment for the child(ren) to grow up in is the goal of an effective arrangement between two separated parents. Whether you're newly separated or you're going through a divorce, it's important to consider your options for child custody, child support, and any other aspects that will affect your child's life. After all, you should want — more than anything else — for your child(ren) to be safe, happy, and healthy.

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Burdine Law Firm in Nashville is here to help you navigate through child custody arrangements in a way that best suits the needs and interests of your child(ren). Don't leave their childhood, education, or medical needs up to chance. Get in touch with us today to speak to a knowledgeable and experienced attorney about creating a plan that works for you, the other parent, and most of all — your children.

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