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With the unrest we see across the planet right now, attacks on our military bases in the Middle East and what not, it is important for military parents to understand their rights regarding their children in the event of a deployment. T.C.A. 36-7-101, et seq establishes rights of deploying parent...

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When facing divorce and concerned about health insurance coverage, it's important to know that during divorce proceedings, a spouse is required to maintain the other on their health insurance plan. Violating this can lead to legal consequences. After divorce, the dependent spouse may be eligible for continued coverage under the federal law COBRA for up to three years, albeit at a higher cost. This option ensures no gap in coverage, allowing time to find alternative insurance. However, COBRA isn't available for individuals aged 65 or older, as they can access Medicare. Financially disadvantaged spouses, especially in long-term marriages, may have the cost of health insurance included in alimony. During the divorce process, the spouse providing health insurance must give a 30-day notice of cancellation and provide information on COBRA benefits. For children, the parent providing health insurance usually continues to do so after divorce, with the cost factored into child support calculations. In summary, while losing spousal health insurance post-divorce is inevitable, avenues like COBRA, alimony, and court orders regarding children's coverage can help mitigate the impact.

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In Tennessee, it is the policy to assure that minor children have frequent and continuing contact with their parents, so long as the parents have shown the ability to act in the best interests of their children.  The State of Tennessee encourages parents to share in the rights and responsibiliti...

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If you find yourself divorcing a narcissist, you are embarking on one of the most difficult life events that you will ever experience; however, you can defeat your narcissist in divorce court. Finding out you are married to a narcissist is a lot like the story about the frog and a pot of water. ...

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Take Care of Yourself

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When you are going through a stressful life-changing event, it is easy to let worry overtake you. It's hard to find the motivation to cook yourself a nutritious meal and look after your physical fitness. It is important during this time that you take care of yourself.  This could be...

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