Maybe you and your spouse have made the decision together to go through with a divorce, or maybe it’s a decision that you made all on your own. No matter how you decide, the question is: what comes next?

What to Expect Next

The first step in moving forward is to file a petition for divorce. Once the petition is filed, documents can be served, and this is where it is determined whether or not the divorce will be contested or uncontested. Some firms will hand you papers and tell you to give them to your spouse without first serving your spouse. This is a dangerous move. Without being served, your spouse is not under the statutory injunction barring him or her from dissipating assets. With Burdine Law Firm, you don’t have to worry about your spouse getting away with dissipating assets, removing you from insurance, or pulling other moves that may irreparably harm you. . Once you’ve made the decision to file, get in touch with an experienced divorce attorney right away. Ms. Burdine is here to help carry the burden of a stressful legal process.

Navigating Negotiations

During a contested divorce settlement, negotiations must take place in order to come to an agreement on the terms of the divorce. Ms. Burdine at Burdine Law Firm is here to help you come to the best possible arrangement and to fight in your corner. Going through negotiations without the guidance of a divorce lawyer can be intimidating and overwhelming. With help from Burdine Law Firm, you can rest assured that your needs and wants will be reasonably met when it comes to negotiating the terms of your divorce with your spouse.

Divorce Court: Is It Necessary?

Divorce court isn’t always necessary, even in the case of a contested divorce. If you and your lawyer can negotiate the terms of your divorce peacefully with your spouse and their lawyer, going to court won’t be required. However, if you all struggle to reach an agreement, a trial date must be set for divorce court so that a judge can determine the final terms of your divorce. It goes unsaid that coming to an agreement outside of court is the best option, and with Burdine Law Firm, we do our best to keep your case out of the courtroom.

Schedule a Legal Consultation Today

At Burdine Law Firm in Nashville, we take your divorce situation and settlement seriously. A divorce is something that you shouldn’t have to go through alone. Let Ms. Burdine at Burdine Law Firm help you navigate through the process and get the best result possible. Call our Nashville law firm today to schedule a consultation.