A common problem I have seen are when clients come to me with very old divorce decrees, where a QDRO was never done. It is important that you get your QDRO done very soon after your divorce, in order to avoid complications or delays.

What is a QDRO? A QDRO, pronounced (KWA-DROW), is the acronym for Qualified Domestic Relations Order, and they are required when a spouse is awarded a share of his or her other spouse's retirement plan, usually a deferred compensation plan or some other kind of retirement plan. They have to be done in a way that puts them in compliance with ERISA.

Burdine Law charges less than $1,000 for most QDROs. Call Burdine Law if you were awarded a share of your spouse's retirement in your divorce to help you get your QDRO put into place.

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