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Divorce, Child Custody, Adoptions, Asset Protection and Estate Planning



*Uncontested Divorce (Flat Fee) - no stone should be left unturned in your marital dissolution agreement, which is why it is important to hire an experienced attorney to guide you through the divorce process

*Contested Divorce - for the issues that aren't resolved by an agreement and require hearings or trials, Ms. Burdine's years of experience as a divorce litigator will ensure you receive the best possible result.


If you want to get married but are worried about  losing everything you worked for in the event the marriage doesn't work out, you can protect your assets before marriage, either by a prenuptial agreement or other means.

The wealth and assets you acquired prior to marriage could become marital property if you do not adequately protect them before marriage. 

Burdine Law can help you  protect your assets prior to getting married by either a prenuptial agreement or other, more creative means.



Burdine Law's approach to child custody is to put the children's interests first.  You may be reasonable, but this does not mean that the other parent is.  It is best when the child's parents can co-parent together, but this does not always happen.  

You need a law firm that is knowledgeable of child custody laws and approaches to child custody matters that ensure the best interests of the minor children are served. 

Burdine Law also offers legal services for adoptions, grandparent visitation and custody, establishing your legal rights to your child born out of wedlock and child support. 

After you are divorced, you should revisit your will.  It is true that your spouse will no longer be able to take under your will after you are divorced, but there may be other reasons why you want to either prepare a will if you have never had one, or revise your will to protect your children and other loved ones after a divorce. Burdine Law offers estate planning as an add-on to your divorce or other family law matter. 



Life is stressful enough without having to worry about navigating legal matters alone. Burdine Law understands this.  Burdine Law's goal is to handle your matter as efficiently as possible, so that you do not have to live with uncertainty for long.  Ms. Burdine protects her clients' interests without unnecessary delay, so that the clients can move on with their lives.  To do this, Burdine Law often begins the process by negotiating with the other side for the purpose of reaching an agreement; however, this is not always possible.  Sometimes the opposition can complicate and make it more difficult.  When that happens, Hannah Burdine will fight unyieldingly for her clients.  


Attorney and Owner

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Ms. Burdine grew up in Tennessee.  She attended the University of Memphis School of Law, receiving her J.D. in 2007.   She has devoted more than 10 years of her legal career to domestic, matrimonial, family law, divorce, child custody and adoptions law.  Before that she worked in pharmaceutical and corporate litigation.

Ms. Burdine is admitted to practice law in the State of Tennessee and in the State of Georgia.

Ms. Burdine enjoys playing the piano, playing tennis, having brunch with friends, gardening and her dogs in her spare time. 




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Tel:  615-970-6448


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